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Step-By-Step Instructions to Get the Perfect Weld with Your Arc Welding Machine

Posted by Eng. Abdel Karim on

Getting maximum efficiency out of an arc welding machine is crucial; after all, it is a costly investment. Most industries worldwide, who have access to a technology as elite as arc welding, are often ill-trained to be able to use it, thereby not getting the most out of it.

Welding is an important aspect of industrial manufacturing, as far too many products require welding. Welding is most commonly used in the automobile industry, and thorough welding is the only way to ensure quality assurance. ‘

Here, we discuss some ways in which we can improve the quality of weld obtained from Arc welding machines.

1.Understand the process

An Electric arc is formed at the tip of welding rods when a current is passed through it. Understanding this process is crucial. Read through the manuals in and out. You get free manuals when you buy welding machines online

Different materials weld at different temperatures and understanding how to manipulate the temperature therefore becomes important. You would have to put in efforts to know the various melting points of materials. However, if your industry deals with just one

2.Create welds that work

You got to understand that welding is more than just dragging a welding rod across metals. You have to make sure that the pieces fit well and only then weld them together with absolute precision. And this precision comes a really successful weld.

If you are using cleaner metals, it is advisable to use 7018 electrodes. 7018 welds also help you weld contaminated metals which have rust or paint on them. If you run a thorough search, you will find welding machines for sale which offer both 7018 and 6018 welds (use 6018 welds on unclear metals only as a “worst case scenario”.

For best possible outcomes, maintain your welds by brushing them between welds. Also, for precise welds, try shaping your weld beads, which is done by weaving the ac back and forth across the weld path.

3.Use clamps to hold the metals

No matter how perfect a welding machine stands in your possession, if your metals are not held right, your precision suffers. So always, as a rule of thumb, ensure that your metals are held together, with the help of clamps. 

You get locking type pliers, C – clamps, a vice or even spring loader clamps, depending upon the metal you are willing to weld.

Parting thoughts

The next time you are worried about the quality of weld, follow these tips. Arc welding machines work only as well as your skill to use it. Follow these tips to get the most of your arc welding machine, and to achieve a higher quality of weld.

Efficiency of weld is pivotal when it comes to the industry it serves. Once you master the skill of working the arc welding machine right, excellent quality is an inevitable outcome. And as far as higher quality of manufactured goods is concerned, skill is always held in high regards. 

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