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Induction Heating: Perfect Preparation For Welding in 2020

Posted by Eng. Abdel Karim on

Induction heating is a commonly used term that is widely used by different industries including industrial and construction like pipeline, welding, shipbuilding, vessel repair and mining industries.

The welding application needs to be pre-heated, as it reduces the temperature difference between arc and base material. Preheating offers several benefits like it reduces the risk of cracking and chances of failed welding. The pre-heating can save a significant amount of time and provide temperature consistency- while offering a wide range of benefits.

How does induction heating machine work?

Preheating includes heating the base material- or at least its surrounding area to a specific temperature before the process of welding begins. In the induction heating system, the heat is produced electromagnetically and with the help of hysteresis. There are several heating tools placed around the object and it generates heat. The industrial machinery suppliers in UAE use this method.

What are the benefits of it?

As compared to an open flame, pre-heating offers several benefits. Some of the major benefits include

1. It offers uniform temperature

Induction heating generates heat energy to the different areas evenly thus providing uniform heating to the base material. On the other hand, flame heating needs manual motion that doesn’t touch the parts, thus causing improper stress on the weld. Pro Heat systems use different kinds of sensors to report and record the temperature. Induction heating components also reduce the interruptions, thus improving overall productivity.

2. Improved efficiency

Induction is a faster process. If it is not pre-heated, there can be delays and it may take a long time to warm it and thus it increases the welding time. In contrast, if the induction heating process is used, the welders can pre-heat the parts, thus improving efficiency and productivity. The temperature can be achieved in minutes than hours in contrast to resistance heating. If you have thick and thin parts, the induction process can save 50% of the time.

3. Cost-effective

Another benefit of the induction heating process is it is efficient, and most of the electrical energy is used to generate heat. This, in turn, can lead to low utility cost. When this heating is compared to flame heating, most of the heat is wasted in the open air. Resistance heating is not an effective method of heating as it wastes a lot of energy. Hence, today more and more customers are turning towards the induction heating process because it offers a lot of benefits.

In the end, we would like to conclude Induction heating is the right process and helps to make the welding process smooth.


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