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How To Improve The Pipe Bending Process With A Pipe Bender?

Posted by Eng. Abdel Karim on

Bending a pipe is an art that needs you to have a profound knowledge of the tube or pipe being used. You need to be aware of the terms like center line radius, the outside diameter, and wall thickness, as they can be crucial variables that influence your work’s efficacy using a bending machine.

In case you need some tips on accelerating the learning curve when using a steel bar bending machine then this is the right post for you to explore.

1 – Familiarize yourself with spot measurement

The pipe’s positioning ensures that one end is tightly secured in place. In order to get the right location for bending the point, it is suggested to go with a standard approach – find the center and measure the pipe’s length with this center as the base.

2 – Keep the dies in position

The die shifting on the ram should be avoided. A craftsman will make sure to fasten the die securely on the ram to that it doesn’t shift during the bending process. Also, the overall tooling setup needs to be well maintained. It is recommended to take special care of the roller shafts working in tandem with the frame.

3 – Work hard on the bending motion

Your efficacy in the bending motion will determine how successful you are with the bending machine. This in turn, will improve your productivity and reduce errors. For this however, you need to practice hard and long. You can start off by taking a few spare pipes rather than starting off witha regular pipe. Take time to see how the bending is impacted at different angles. This practice is also needed to ensure self-safety when working on the bending motion.

4 – Steer clear of crimping of the pipes

Avoid crimping the pipe by filling the tube with sand and water. The mixture of the two creates air bubbles, which helps to enhance the effectiveness of the bending process using a steel bar bending machine.

5 – Use good quality tools and machinery

The bending machine comprises of small parts that together work to enhance the bending process. All parts of the machine need to operate as desired so that it can deliver high performance work. When not in use, the bending machine needs to be wiped clean and kept in a clean, dry place. This will improve the life of the machinery and get you a better quality work executed.

6 – Make sure to overbend the pipe

It is a recommended practice to overbend the pipe more than the specification. This is because once bent, the pipes tend to slide back into its original shape and hence the angle of bending might be off. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to overbend the pipe by a few degrees.

To sign off

With these tips, you can make a great impact as a professional craftsman and gain expertise in bending pipes using a bending machine. Follow these crucial considerations and witness your workmanship in pipe bending elevated up by several notches. 

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