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Crucial Safety Tips & Precautions for Using Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Posted by Eng. Abdel Karim on

If your company manufactures, transports, or handles sheet metal products, you should take additional care of your employee’s safety. There are some companies that become completely negligent about workplace mishaps or accidents. In this post, we are going to write some of the dangers associated with working with sheet metal and important safety tips that you should pursue:

1 Cuts

One of the biggest dangers of working with the metal sheet is cuts and lacerations. The finished piece of metal is typically smoothed out to reduce the chances of cut. When a piece of sheet metal is manufactured in the factory, the edges are sharp. Running a bare-hand on the sheet metal can easily pierce the flesh and can create an open laceration.

2 Skin Burn

Another potential danger of metal sheet is the employees need to be aware of skin hazards that may arise. Unlike wood, sheet metal is conducive to thermal energy. If there is an open flame or other heat sources nearby, the sheet metal will heat up instantly. Touching a hot piece of sheet metal can burn the employee’s hand or body. It is highly conducive to cold temperature as well. The employees who touch the sheet metal during the winter season might experience frostbite.

3 Breathing concern

Another concern of working with sheet metal is the breathing problem. The particles of sheet metal gather in the lungs and increase the chances of respiratory illness among the workers.

The sheet metal bending machine has made the work more efficient, but it doesn’t reduce the risk. Here are some safety tips and precautions that you should follow when using the steel bar bending machine

Safety Tips that you should follow when using sheet metal bending machine

1 Wear protective safety equimpment like gloves, safety goggles and work boots before using the machine. It will protect your hands, eyes, feet from sharp equimpments.

2 Keep your work surface clean to avoid any mishap.

3 Don’t run hands- on sharp metal edges, even after wearing gloves and ensure metal burrs are filled to avoid injury.

4 Be careful when handling wet metal sheet as it can be slippery and hard to grip.

Precautions that you should take while using bending machines

There are certain precautions that you should take while using the bending machine

1 Familiarize yourself with the machine

Before using the machine, it is important to read the instruction manual or take training from the experienced employee. This way one can easily become familiar with the functioning of the machine and avoid any chance of accident or injury.

2 Correct placement of the metal sheet

Ensure that metal sheet is parallel to the bender before starting the operation. It will reduce the chances of injury.

3 Use it before winter

When winter arrives, it is recommended to operate the bending machines a few minutes earlier. It will warm up the machine and it will function more effectively.

In the end, you should observe these tips and precautions when using steel bending machines.

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